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2023-02-03 15:15:41    2.5 stars

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Maria Rodríguez

2023-01-15 02:12:41    1 stars

This broker is a scam please stay away from them I have lost $23,000 it took me 7 working days to **** my money Mr Eddie Wilfred helped me after reading reviews about how he is helping traders to **** thier money you can reach him through his email address eddiewilfred816************


2023-01-06 20:39:14    0.5 stars

skyline-recvery cpom helped me get my funds from this scammers , I was going to loose about 80k

Sanjay jay

2023-01-04 00:36:33    5 stars

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Sanjay jay

2023-01-04 00:35:47    4.5 stars

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Sanjay jay

2023-01-04 00:35:31    5 stars

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Sanjay jay

2023-01-04 00:23:00    5 stars

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Sanjay jay

2023-01-04 00:21:38    5 stars

Even I am suffered in this � I have lost 48L Initially started with 20K USDT and****mission - 20K Then 15K - mentioning that lost 1 order between again for tax 17K they are asking so i had to contact octafex****expert ON TELGRAM for help and they help me **** my money . they also guide me


2022-09-01 18:08:33    1.5 stars

I have been seeing post everywhere and a lot of people keep saying reach out to them and eventually I did and it turned out to be legit. and i have ****ed my lost bitcoin to scam, they have the best bitcoin trading and funds **** software, Thank you alexwalterhelpdesk****hotmail**** +44757759


2021-12-21 12:34:13    0.5 stars

The worse broker ever, be careful with this scam****pany

Thorben Siegert

2021-10-29 12:08:14    0.5 stars

Under no circumstance can this broker be r****mended. At first I was fooled by their professionel website, but they only payed the first of five withdrawals and do not answer my email. Have 55k on the account but can not access it and my best friend has the same problem with his 3k account...