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2021-10-24 14:43:03    1 stars

I ordered an ice maker and received this little plastic thing. I hope that these people enjoy ripping people off. What goes around****es around. People ordered in good faith. These people are every day crooks. They are a sad bunch.


2021-09-27 12:21:37    0.5 stars

I also received 2 ice trays. Now they are saying they will only refund $5


2021-09-27 00:43:12    0.5 stars

The same thing happened to me. I ordered the ice maker and got I cheap ice tray. I’ve had no luck in getting a refund. Worst customer service ever.


2021-09-23 17:27:57    0.5 stars

same got screwed was sent an ice cube tray I tried to reach out with no response


2021-09-15 09:21:58    0.5 stars

I can not believe I ordered an ice maker and received a plastic ice tray that is probably worth less than a dollar. Very upset with this I give these idiots a zero rating. These people are thieves and hoefully they will be caught before long.


2021-09-13 20:25:31    0.5 stars

We also ordered the ice maker and received an ice tray. promptly reached out to them and was told they will refund us $5 because it cost to much to ship it back to them. They would not even give us a mailing address to send it back. They are con-artist


2021-09-12 23:39:30    0.5 stars

I am the same with susan and tina....ordered the ice nugget machine for 70% off,$ 22.98, 2 of them at $45.98... sent them an email asking for a tracking number and they gave me the same number of a package i received which had 2 ice cube trays...luckily I paid thru paypal and filed a dispute.

susan nelson

2021-09-06 16:52:01    0.5 stars

Stay away from them. Ordered electric icemaker and received plastic ice tray. We need to all band together and shut them down. They are thieves.


2021-09-01 18:07:18    0.5 stars

I ordered an ice maker is electric and makes ice instead I got a broken ice tray, DO NOT BUY from these people I have ZERO rating for thieves