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2023-10-03 01:47:38    2 stars

Thank you for taking out time to reach us and sorry for your lost, We regret to know you’ve experienced such an issue and hardship where you try and make some trade and option to do investment trading and you end up running into loses with****panies guilty of embezzling and depriving investors of


2023-03-17 19:57:31    0.5 stars

Thankfully i reported to spacetelcapital’’ and now my issues have been resolved and i am glad now for that


2021-11-16 17:02:06    1 stars

I bought the shares, the shares started to rise instead of falling. Twice they calculated the amount I had to transfer so as not to lose everything, low margins. They told me not to change anything in the portfolio, after which the loss was higher every day. Now I am supposed to pay the amount again


2021-10-22 22:29:11    1 stars

prjevara, u 2 mjeseca uplatio sam 6 cifreni iznos u eur. za dva mjeseca izgubio sam sve. zahvaljući jako sposobnom brokeru za prevare.