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Shane Arnold

2021-11-10 20:35:12    0.5 stars

The owner ZENG Lishan Shiyiounu, his analyst Ouyang Pu Hong and their girl Su Xioya from Suzhou are fraudulent people. Their **** accounts are blocked, and the Chinese police have arrested and jailed them for deceitful crimes.

Greg Elliott

2021-11-07 19:28:29    0.5 stars

I had a similar experience with this scammer. They have beautiful young women in their fleet to chase you on LinkedIn. Once they lure an individual, these women induce the so-called friends to trade and pursue people to deposit funds in Shiyiounu account. All****munication is only on ****.

Peter Silva

2021-11-07 13:28:15    0.5 stars

This****pany owned by ZENG Lishan Shyiounu is a classic scam and fraud. DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR REQUEST TO INVEST IN CRYPTOCUURENCY. They are also engaging other fraudulent people in China to act as their agents and lure outsiders.

David Ahier

2021-09-30 06:13:28    0.5 stars

This website is a scam and I lost allot of funds.