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2022-08-23 04:36:32    4 stars

“I had a withdrawal issue with them and couldn’t get my funds when i initiated a withdrawal, They ask me to pay 20% upfront fees, I did all they asked of me. It’s not so good if everyone****plains about a particular issues and nothing is been done to correct it, Except we use external ********pa


2022-07-26 00:13:10    2 stars

Visit "cybersupportpro.c=o=m" if you are a victim of forex****investment scam. They helped me get my money back, when i was scammed


2022-07-25 14:45:52    1 stars

Same happened to me, but I did get a retriver assistance through editheliana819 on g mail


2022-07-25 05:20:59    3 stars

After I made my first profit on Anderfix, they suddenly came up with swap fees which were always 2.5 times bigger than the current profit, making it only possible for you to lose money. Then I requested to withdraw 45000 USD from my account, but after weeks of not having any feedback about my withdr

Henry Dean

2022-04-07 03:23:00    0.5 stars

cryptoclippers at g m a i l, c o m did help me too

Harold west

2022-04-07 03:21:19    0.5 stars

cryptoclipper at ******** did help me

Gershom Walters

2022-04-07 03:19:43    0.5 stars

If you are a victim contact CryptoClippers at ******** for assistance


2021-10-12 04:59:53    0.5 stars

Stay away from this false****pany Anderfix cheated on me and they just took my $ 15,000. They will not allow me to make withdrawals. They want me to pay 50% of my total balance for personal i****e tax said. They want the payment to be made by bank transfer. Very easy to reach supposedly fictitio

Gurdeep singh

2021-09-30 00:47:50    0.5 stars

Totally scammers. Never release any payment. Please never trust on these brokers . Their agents are everywhere who message you ****