Mediocre trust score : 7%

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Marian Dragomir

2022-12-11 14:39:23    0.5 stars

This Paul Hobbs who is pretending to be the General Agent in US and Europe,must be prosecuted for all the money stollen on Cyclebas****.I hope FBI can find him and make him pay.


2022-05-20 16:29:12    0.5 stars

these CYCLEBAS as***£. Will spend days to get your trust . Blair ,Paul hobbs are some of the names you ‘lll see. When it****es time you try to take back out . they will block you on in what’s app gruop, ignore and that’s it you’ve lost everything . Please do not trust them. There will be karma !

Craig A

2022-02-07 15:11:16    0.5 stars

This****pany is not trustworthy. They advertise ****ing crypto by inviting people to the platform and****pleting task. If you do well they will lock you account and say your invites are not legit. They require you to buy an $8k membership or provide ID for of your invites. Seems like a ID theft scam


2022-01-22 15:16:03    5 stars

I think there are some errors in the report, I was able to withdraw funds on the platform normally


2021-11-11 01:09:34    5 stars

This platform cares a lot about the feelings of the users who use it, and it is indeed a platform where you can **** money, and when you choose the right platform you are very close to success


2021-11-10 23:57:06    5 stars