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Theresa Harper

2022-04-25 11:31:25    0.5 stars

CryptoClipper at gm a il, c om help get my funds too

Gershom Caulkins

2022-04-25 11:30:06    0.5 stars

CryptoClippers **** g m a i l, c o m help retrieve my funds


2022-01-31 12:21:36    0.5 stars

The platform lures innocent victims with the promises of high profit yields only to take advantage of you once you invest, they try to abscond with your funds and insist that you keep on paying more in form of percentage taxes which is very unrealistic, I will advise you stay away from them as they


2021-11-20 01:25:11    1 stars

www.coinuefx**** It is a website dedicated to scam honest people, saying that they have more than 10 years of experience in the stock market, when it is totally false it is only registered 07-07-2021. It is only a small network of scammers located in Chicago and Other States of the USA, which thro